Change User Account Password
Change Application Password

This form allows you to change your User Account Password for the following centrally provided services:

  • Staff LAN
  • Student LAN
  • Wireless LAN
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Microsoft 365 (Email and M365 cloud services)
  • AIMS
  • CityU Wiki (Microsoft SharePoint Blog & Wiki)
  • Express Terminal
  • Library

The new password does not apply to the following:

  • Personal web
  • Other services provided by individual departments

To change those passwords, please click the corresponding links above.

More on Computer Accounts & Electronic ID (EID)

While typing the account ID and passwords, please be aware that they are case-sensitive (e.g. "acbbb" is not equal to "ACBBB").

Old User Account Password

Enter your account ID and old password below for verification.

  • MS 365 (M365) account ID
    e.g. chanwg10-c, wongmw-f, chengzq-x, lamjc
  • AD account ID
    e.g. chanwg10, wongmw, chengzq, lamjc
If your M365 and AD account IDs are different, then password change has to be done separately and for security reason please use different passwords.

New User Account Password

Enter your new password twice.

Password Tips:
  • it must be 8 - 64 characters in length.
  • it must be alphanumeric '0-9', 'a-z' and 'A-Z', e.g. c6A4h89O1.
  • it must include at least 1 Uppercase letter, 1 Lowercase letter and 1 digit.
  • it is case-sensitive, e.g. "acbbb" is not equal to "ACBBB".
  • allow special characters
    ! $ ' ( ) * - . / ; ? @ [ \ ] ^ _ ` { | } ~
  • alternatively, use a passphrase no longer than 64 characters for added security, containing a series of words not commonly found in literature or music preferably with spaces, punctuations and unexpected characters that are unique or specific only to you.
  • it must not be the same as the three immediate preceding passwords that you have used.
  • It must not contain your account name or display name.
    For example, if your display name is "Chan Tai Man", the password cannot contain "chan", "tai" or "man" that are case-insensitive.
  • It cannot be changed again within 30 days, so pick a good password before you confirm a change.
  • It will expire in 180 days, meaning that you have to change password again in at least 180 days. You may wish to take note of the date that you have changed password then change it before it expires so as to avoid unfamiliar password prompts or being temporary cut off from services.
  • Mobile device users are recommended to refer to "Change Password Tips for Mobile Device User".

NoticeYou need to restart your PC and login using the new password to make it effective for all network services.
Please also be reminded to update the passwords of the email clients and the Wi-Fi connections of ALL your desktop and mobile devices both in office and at home.